Welcome to our new site – vdubdriven.com!

Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed, vagtools.com is now vdubDRIVEN.com. With a new catchy name comes new features including an updated content management system, easy to use and view exhaust/dyno/pixelDUB databases and a new design. Feeds are available throughout the site, which should help keep you up to date with anything related to VWs.

Here are some of the technical aspects that were modified:
- PHP/RSS feeds on every page
- New CSS styling for a “liquid”, expandable design
- JS reflections on every image
- phpThumb image processing
- aJAX real time previews of links
- aJAX based searching for database queries

Take some time to browse our new site, let us know if you find any bugs, but most of all, enjoy!

vdubDRIVEN logo

vdubDRIVEN logo


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05 2009

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